The real Dr Martin Luther King Jr. suffered physical attacks

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This is Dr Martin Luther King Jr. The Real Dr Martin Luther King Jr. being beaten up by a mob.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. faced various forms of violence and adversity throughout the civil rights struggle (physical attacks, threats, and harassment):

  1. 1956: Dr. King’s home in Montgomery, Alabama, was bombed during the Montgomery Bus Boycott, but fortunately, he and his family were unharmed.
  2. 1958: He was stabbed by a mentally disturbed woman named Izola Ware Curry during a book signing in Harlem, New York. The incident resulted in a close call, but Dr. King survived the attack.
  3. 1959: While visiting India, Dr. King was stabbed by a letter opener by a member of an extremist group. He escaped with minor injuries.
  4. 1963: During the Birmingham campaign, Dr. King and other civil rights activists faced violent attacks, including the use of police dogs and high-pressure water hoses by law enforcement.
  5. 1965: In Selma, Alabama, during the voting rights march from Selma to Montgomery, demonstrators, including Dr. King, were brutally beaten by state troopers on the Edmund Pettus Bridge. This event became known as “Bloody Sunday.”
  6. 1966: During a Chicago open housing campaign, Dr. King faced violent encounters with white mobs and protesters.
  7. 1967: He was assaulted by an angry mob during a protest against segregation in Chicago, resulting in injuries.
  8. 1968: In Memphis, Tennessee, just days before his assassination, Dr. King was hit by a rock thrown during a protest march in support of striking sanitation workers.

We very often only see his “I have a dream speech” but don’t remember that he went through hell, being a prominent civil rights leader. His haters did not treat him in a civilised manner during the time he lived in. They acted like animals and acted as a mob.

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The real Dr Martin Luther King Jr. suffered physical attacks

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