Politics of Non-click languages: come on a journey into the undiscovered past

The non-click language families include 10 language families: 1. Indo-European: This family includes numerous languages spoken in Europe, South Asia, and other regions. Examples include English, Spanish, Hindi, Russian, and German. 2. Sino-Tibetan: This family includes languages spoken primarily in East Asia, particularly China and its neighboring countries. Examples include Mandarin, Cantonese, Tibetan, and Burmese. …

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Pre-colonial Sub-Saharan Trade

Anti-slavery in Precolonial Africa

Also, it is important to clarify that in many African societies jails in the modern arrangement did not exist, so what today we call prisoners, some academics have lazily called slaves. In the absence of standalone jails, imprisonment as slaves was used to punish treason, murder, grievous bodily harm, rape or kidnapping.

The Kuba Kingdom

The Kuba kingdom of modern Democratic Republic of Congo was one of 22 literate societies that inhabited Africa during the last 5000 years. The Kuba kingdom existed from 1625 to 1884. The Kingdom of Kuba has evidence of human habitation before 1000 AD, including Paleolithic and Neolithic artifacts (source: “Art of the Lega,” by Elisabeth …

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Enslavement of Europeans

Using any available books or studies already published, I estimated the numerical estimates (with sources) for European people enslaved or used as forced labour during these periods of oppression, conflict or global changes. Between 10.2 million and 14.8 million Europeans have been enslaved or used as forced labour since 300 Bc. I don’t know every …

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Terence the African playwright

His works were entertaining and clear. The plots in his plays were absorbing. Monasteries and convents used his works to learn Latin during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. By copying his works, scribes in later generations were taught to write in Latin. 650 manuscripts created after 800 AD contained parts or all of his …

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how to teach children history

How to teach children history

Philosopher George Santayana (1863-1952) once said, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it..”

Nigerians Hausa Bride

Nigerians for those who don’t know

A few citizens of South Africa don’t know who Nigerians are. Although black South Africans suffered immensely due to racist ideas and racist oppression, I have observed that racism has become internalized by some, not all, South Africans and those individuals are unable to see greatness in others, only absurd stereotypes about Nigerians. So, allow …

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Slave Trade Hypocrisy

The Slave Trade in Black Africans

There are a lot of misconceptions about what happened during the Trans-Sahara slave trade and the Atlantic slave trade in black Africans, including how it began. Many people believe the slave trade in Africans began in 1619. In truth, we know that slavery itself began much earlier. Refer to the laws of Hammurabi as one …

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Eight Christian Berber Kingdoms

The eight Christian Berber kingdoms are the states which emerged out of the Mauro-Roman kingdom. The Mauro-Roman kingdom was an independent Christian Berber kingdom located in present day Northern Algeria. It had its capital at the city of Altava and controlled the major portion of the ancient Roman province of Mauretania Caesariensis. This kingdom was …

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The Africa We Want

Every person we throw away or failure to protect and nurture has value.

safest countries in africa

10 Safest countries in Africa

    If you’re looking for your next travel destination, make sure not to be deceived by the media’s fake propaganda. They usually display the African continent as a risky destination that is not safe, or even not worth the visit. This is far from the truth. Africa is home to some of the safest …

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tribes of nigeria - hausa

Tribes of Nigeria

A nation is a body of people with shared descent, language, history and culture. By that definition Nigeria is country of 372 nations.

How human trafficking affects Africa today

If you think that slavery has been eradicated, think again. Modern-day slavery takes place in the form of human trafficking which involves forcing, pressuring or defrauding victims into labor or sexual exploitation.

Were the Ancient Egyptians black?

Were the Ancient Egyptians black? And… Were the Ancient Egyptians African? These are controversial questions. To answer the questions, we need to agree certain things first. We even need to agree “Who are Africans?” for instance, as odd as that may seem?   In modern logic, Africans tend to be those who are either first, …

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The Almoravid Dynasty

The Almoravid dynasty was a Berber Muslim dynasty, based around central Morocco. While it came from humble beginnings, established in the 11th century, eventually this empire would come to control large swaths of the western Maghreb (Northern Africa) and Al-Andalus (Southern Spain and Portugal). It was founded by Abdallah ibn Yasin, a charismatic leader, who …

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