About us

Yemi A., Editor

Yemi Adeyemi founded this website in 2018 due to an interest in African History and joy of sharing new discoveries with the public. The aim of this website is to foster learning, curiosity, self-discovery and research. Yemi holds a Masters from Imperial College London.

Sarah B., Freelance contributor

Passionate. Committed. Highly Organized. Educator by profession. Sarah Barakat is a creative writer & designer from Egypt. Believes in combining fun with learning and that life is a journey of constant learning and improvement. If one keeps walking down the road of self-improvement, one would surely keep on benefiting those around them. Which is the essence and purpose of life….
Grow & Assist others to grow.

Obinna A., Freelance contributor

Obinna Anaekwe is a writer from Anambra, Nigeria. He has a passion for digging up hidden truths about history through research and loves writing about the accomplishments of people of all races.

Abdul B Parker, Freelance contributor

Abdul B Parker is a Master’s student at the University of Bologna who is interested in the history of Africa.