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Welcome to Think Africa

thinkafrica.net is a space to help you share accurate world history, black history and the achievements of Africans and descendants of Africans – Africans, Afro-Americans, Afro-Europeans, Caribbeans and Africans in Asia. We created this website because we noticed that the historical achievements of Africans are either not celebrated, not referenced for tv and film content, but also many Africans incorrectly think the continent has not contributed anything to humanity. Safari wildlife and half naked villagers have become the customary images of the continent. Our aim is to provide more enlightenment to our visitors.

Africa’s inventions: Medicine

Medicine, medical writing, medical schools, surgery, pharmacy and medical algorithms were first developed in Ancient Egypt Africa.

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Africa’s inventions: Medicine
African skin tones
African Civilisations
Who invented steel?

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Africa, the second largest continent in the world and second most populous continent on earth, is blessed in manifold ways; in language, culture, art, monuments, vegetation, religious ideas, physical quality, natural resources, and many more areas.

Most of the people have been falsely taught that the ancient Africans had little or nothing to do with the development and progression of civilization. This couldn’t be more wrong, for a massive number of sources shows that the origins of several advancements actually hailed from Africa.

There are fifteen African writing systems that predate English, yet ask around if Africa had writing before colonization and some people are likely to deny that Africa had any writing systems before 1500 AD. Not many people know that there are even African writing systems that predate Latin.

In a recent survey by McKinsey Africa undertaken in 2018, they discovered 438 businesses with $1 billion of annual sales. Of this total 25% are subsidiary group companies of foreign domicile multinationals, 50% have a local origin, 40% are publicly listed, and 60% are privately owned. In this list we only provide a sample of the largest companies in Africa, with the sample ranked by size. 

Tools of African History: the Lukasa Memory Board of the Luba Kingdom

The Kingdom of Luba is an ancient African Kingdom which was based in current day Democratic Republic of Congo. It was founded in the Upemba depression, which is a large area of marshes, and comprises of over 50 lakes.

African History: Africa is home to the first humans

and this gives a new meaning to its nickname the motherland. The continent has the longest history. Africans have been around for a very very long time. A huge part of Africa’s earliest history has been lost, which is typical for early humans due to the relatively short time for which writing has existed. 

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