makoko floating pyramids

Makoko floating system: new architecture from Nigeria

Makoko Floating System With the rising of unpredictable climate transitions, fascinating design strategies of have evolved to cope with such transitions. The innovative design tactics involve observing the stability and adaptation of coastal communities in different populations around the world. In the Lagos lagoon of Nigeria, Africa, the coastal city of Makoko, was being treated …

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tribes of nigeria - hausa

Tribes of Nigeria

A nation is a body of people with shared descent, language, history and culture. By that definition Nigeria is country of 372 nations.

Iron technology started in Africa

In popular culture there is a common perception that Africa has always been on the periphery of world advancements, that Africa did not contribute anything. The stereotype is that in the past Africa offered the world slaves – through the Atlantic slave trade – while today it offers the world child labour, horrifying news headline, …

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Kingdom of Oyo

The kingdom of Oyo, also known as the Oyo Empire, is a West African monarchy, that at its peak, covered 270,000 square kilometres (1). It stretched from parts of the Republic of Benin in the west to the southwest of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in the east. To the north, it bordered the Nupe …

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Queen Aissa

Queen Aissa Koli Ngirmaramma served her seven years term as a queen, and when her term was up, she transferred power to a successor. Something, some African heads of state of today would not do willingly.

Africa’s Independence Dates

Europe often claims that it is an advocate of democracy. It is claimed that the Athenian constitution and the British Parliament are the earliest examples of democracy but written history says otherwise. Africa has Meroe, Carthage, the Gada system of the Oromo and the Kalenji system to point to for evidence of pre-colonial democracy. Furthermore, …

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The Itsekiri Kingdom (1480 AD – Present): the Afro-Europeans of the Niger Delta

There was a time when lies had not been invented yet that Europeans are a different race to Africans; and Africans married Europeans without thinking about “How will our descendants be treated by ‘some’ Europeans?” So today, these descendants of an Afro-Portuguese lineage can be classed as “Sub-Sahara”, “black”, because of “looks” and ignoring “biology”. In this article, we introduce the Itsekiri Kingdom and its Afro-European monarchy.

Kingdom of Burundi: 11,000 year old invention, 5th most important crop in the world

The kingdom of Burundi is a landlocked historic kingdom located in the east of central Africa, in the south of the equator. It is bordered by Rwanda in the north, Tanzania to the south and east while the Democratic Republic of Congo to the west.  Only a few ethnic communities populate the country, most prominent …

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Kingdom of Songhai

The kingdom of Songhai existed from 1375 to 1591. It was ruled by the Za dynasty, Sunni dynasty and Askia dynasty of kings. The Songhai kingdom occupied the banks of the river Niger and stretched over the regions of Mali, Ghana, Nigeria, the borders of the Sahara and to the Atlantic Ocean coast. The kingdom …

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The Kanem-Bornu Empire

The Kanem-Bornu empire spanned 12 centuries. It was a monarchy, had its capital in Njimi (later Gazargamo), and stretched Chad and Nigeria border. This article charts the rise and fall of the Kanem-Bornu empire.

Nok civilisation

Overview Nok civilisation existed from 1500 BC to 200 AD. It may have been ruled by a monarchy or existed as a confederacy. We know from other African societies within close proximity that centralized states could break up into decentralized chiefdoms or vice versa. Evidence from the consistency of terracotta art over a one-thousand-year period …

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Nigeria startups: A to Z

Not many people know that before 8,500 BC the bow and arrow was invented independently in West Africa. Not many people know that West Africans invented face masks, built boats from wood, had inheritance laws, hire purchase systems (such as the iwofa system) and town planning. Not many people know that fishing by hook and …

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