Eight Christian Berber Kingdoms

The eight Christian Berber kingdoms are the states which emerged out of the Mauro-Roman kingdom. The Mauro-Roman kingdom was an independent Christian Berber kingdom located in present day Northern Algeria. It had its capital at the city of Altava and controlled the major portion of the ancient Roman province of Mauretania Caesariensis. This kingdom was …

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African Rulers in Indian History: Janjira, Maharashtra, India (1622-Present)

The princely state of Janjira fluttered its red flag with the crescent moon until India won independence in 1947 and merged all the princely states with the union by the following year. The state of Janjira is noted as being among the smallest of the princely States in Menon’s “The Story of Integration of Indian Princely States.” However, compared …

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The Kanem-Bornu Empire

The Kanem-Bornu empire spanned 12 centuries. It was a monarchy, had its capital in Njimi (later Gazargamo), and stretched Chad and Nigeria border. This article charts the rise and fall of the Kanem-Bornu empire.

Kingdom of Aksum

Aksum is also spelt legitimately as Axum. The Kingdom of Aksum is a state that existed from 100 AD to 940 AD. Its capital was the city of Aksum although it controlled parts of the Arabian Peninsula (modern day Yemen after conquering the Himyarite Kingdom and modern day Saudi Arabia), the region of Nubia, Kush, …

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