The Ndebele People: their origins, social structure, architecture and beliefs

The Ndebele people: An introduction to various aspects of Ndebele culture, including their origins, political and social organization, clothing and adornments, architecture and arts, initiation practices, courtship and marriage customs, and Ndebele beliefs. The Ndebele people identify as one of the Nguni tribes and make up a significant portion of the country’s Black population. The …

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how to teach children history

How to teach children history

Philosopher George Santayana (1863-1952) once said, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it..”

Were the Ancient Egyptians black?

Were the Ancient Egyptians black? And… Were the Ancient Egyptians African? These are controversial questions. To answer the questions, we need to agree certain things first. We even need to agree “Who are Africans?” for instance, as odd as that may seem?   In modern logic, Africans tend to be those who are either first, …

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African Civilisations

Africa’s Civilizations: Paving The Path For The Growth Of Other Civilizations World Wide Most of the people have been falsely taught that the ancient Africans had little or nothing to do with the development and progression of civilization. This couldn’t be more wrong, for a massive number of sources shows that the origins of several …

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Twelve Ways Africa Used Art

Africa’s indulgence in art predates history. Tens of thousands of years ago they were the first humans to create works of art (see Africa’s inventions: art and paints). Until the renaissance which coincided with European contact and more intensive trade with Africa, Africa’s artworks were traditionally and intentionally created to serve purposes, and not necessarily …

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Africa’s art materials

African art predates written history. From tens of thousands of years before recorded history people in Africa have been creating various works of art utilizing different materials. This is not particularly surprising given that the modern homo sapiens originated from Africa. The oldest art in the world was a shell necklace found in the Cave …

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Mamluk Sultanate (1250-1517 CE): Never let a Megalomaniac get in the way of beautiful architecture

Some civilisations sacrificed a work-life balance, art and architectural brilliance to focus on winning wars. One African dynasty found time to fight the Mongol empire and build insane works of beautiful architecture at the same time. “Mamluk” comes from the Arabic “owned” or slave. The Mamluk sultanate was created by slave soldiers and administrators that took over Egypt from the Ayyubid dynasty.