List of out-of-date facts

Several events often cited as the first in the world, based on popular historical narratives or traditional beliefs, are later than the first occurrences indicated in academic research. This discrepancy often arises due to advancements in archaeology, improved dating techniques, and a more comprehensive understanding of ancient civilizations. Tv producers and writers are sometimes 5-10 …

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Enslavement of Europeans

Using any available books or studies already published, I estimated the numerical estimates (with sources) for European people enslaved or used as forced labour during these periods of oppression, conflict or global changes. Between 10.2 million and 14.8 million Europeans have been enslaved or used as forced labour since 300 Bc. I don’t know every …

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Role of convicts in Colonization

“When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re not … They are, in many cases, criminals, drug dealers, rapists, etc.”  Donald Trump Oh, the irony! Role of convict labour and penal military units in Europe’s civilizing mission (15th-20th Century) History is often told today in terms of the civilizing influence of Europe on regions they subjugated. Countries that did not live …

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How human trafficking affects Africa today

If you think that slavery has been eradicated, think again. Modern-day slavery takes place in the form of human trafficking which involves forcing, pressuring or defrauding victims into labor or sexual exploitation.

Queen Aissa

Queen Aissa Koli Ngirmaramma served her seven years term as a queen, and when her term was up, she transferred power to a successor. Something, some African heads of state of today would not do willingly.

Africa’s inventions: glass-making

We all know glass, that amorphous inorganic solid substance that is usually translucent or transparent. Although glass can occur naturally, as in the case of obsidian, it is still one of the oldest and most important man-made materials in the world. There are hundreds, probably thousands, of types of glass, with their different colours and …

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Africa’s Independence Dates

Europe often claims that it is an advocate of democracy. It is claimed that the Athenian constitution and the British Parliament are the earliest examples of democracy but written history says otherwise. Africa has Meroe, Carthage, the Gada system of the Oromo and the Kalenji system to point to for evidence of pre-colonial democracy. Furthermore, …

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Myths about Africa : The you-can’t-do-business in Africa myth

Africa is faced with many challenges. A non-exhaustive list includes: sorting out increased access to education and health; job creation; raising gross income per capita inclusively; gender equality; establishing national and local security; developing global partnerships; tackling child mortality; sorting out power supply and other infrastructure problems; and strengthening public institutions. The public and difficult …

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Question: Could African farmers copy Rich Countries for wealth creation?

Have you ever thought, “Why can’t farmers in African nations study the richer countries and imitate what they did to become wealthier”? Phrased another way the question is “Couldn’t Africa do today what the developed economies like the United States, France and the United Kingdom did to create wealth?” The answer is no and yes, …

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Myths about African HISTORY

There are a few myths about African history and a few reasons why some European writers – not all – felt the need to malign brown-skinned people and claim Africans came from a continent without history. It probably gave them moral peace of mind to believe that they were not committing physical, mental and moral …

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Africa’s inventions: algorithms

“During the 19th century, many European writers, limited by ethnocentrism and racism, decided that black Africa could have had nothing to do with Europe’s rise to greatness,” wrote Gloria Dickson, A professor of African-American studies at The College of New Jersey.

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Myths About Africa: The World Can’t Work Out Reliable History Without Written Works

“Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth.” Many educated people often perpetuate the idea that Africa had no history in the periods when certain kingdoms had no writing. And When evidence of writing is highlighted, they shift the boundaries by creating artificial distinctions between white and black Africans by using the group …

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How does the African Union work?

Last updated: 2019/03/13 The African Union is an organization or alliance of African sovereign states that have acceded to the constitutive acts of the body. One can safely say it was formerly known as “Organisation of African Unity (OAU),” however the OAU was disbanded in 2001, and the African Union (AU) conceived in its place. …

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