200 ways Africans are using to increase their income

There are several ways of making money which are reducing the poverty level that faces Africa, China and India. Given the high level of unemployment that faces many young and middle aged people, individuals are having to think about how they can make money creatively. It doesn’t diminish the need for governments to offer a good economic environment that can help people to make achieve a decent life. Yet, there are individuals adopting legal ways of making money. Here we cover 200 ways of making extra money in Africa, India and China. The audience here are those on incomes of $1000 or less; to enable them to learn from others.

Discovery Outcomes:

  • How to increase your annual income online
  • How to make extra money from other ideas
  • You no longer need to have a traditional boss to make basic income



  1. Design Crowd

If you have professional graphic design skills, a laptop and internet connection, you can now make up to $200-$500 in half a day. Although competition is high, if you standout out, www.designcrowd.com allows you to make extra money in a very short period of time if you can complete just one project a year.

  1. Offering Tutoring Services

In Africa, there is high demand for education at all levels. This implies that people with higher level of education can transfer their knowledge to those at lower levels at a fee, thus making more money. However, if you want to raise your income by a magnitude of $500 a year, you can offer your knowledge to a global audience using either of these 4 platforms:

Company Name Annual Company Sales Website
kajabi $14.7m https://newkajabi.com/
udacity $70m https://www.udemy.com
mindflash $7.5m https://www.mindflash.com/
teachable $12m https://teachable.com/

If you imagine these companies might charge 5% of your earnings from your courses, you can see the potential from selling in dollars and spending in an African currency.

  1. Comet

If you have tech or data skills, Comet connects franco-phone talent and English-speaking tech talent to companies with demand for those specialists. There are some hoops to jump through though: pre-screening; technical assessments; personality testing; peer reviews; and referrals. Successful freelancers usually have skills in HTML, CSS, PH, Python, Obj.C, Ruby, JavaScript and Java.

Website: www.hellocomet.co

  1. Seed

Seed is a mobile banking solution designed for freelancers. With Seed, you get a mobile bank account and a visa Business debit card. This makes it easier to receive money for freelance work and pay for your business expenses. Try to check if there are any tax consequences for your region due to using Seed.

Website: https://seed.co/

  1. WorkMarket

This is a platform based in NY, US. WorkMarket is a marketplace for managing contractors and freelancers. Yahoo is an example of a company that uses Work Market.

Website: http://www.workmarket.com

  1. Freelancer

This is an online marketplace to hire freelancers and find freelance jobs online with its headquarters in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

Website: http://www.freelancer.com

  1. Elance

This is an Upwork company with its headquarters in Mountain View, California, United States. Elance helps companies and self-employed businesses find freelances by allowing them to advertise projects to leading freelancers from 180+ countries. A chat system then enables the hirer and freelancer to work out if they can work together before the project is awarded.
Website: http://www.elance.com

  1. Finiata

Finiata empowers European freelancers & SMEs by providing data-driven, automated micro-factoring for fast and flexible short-term liquidity. Many in Africa and India are also European.

Website: https://www.finiata.com

  1. AND CO

AND CO is a smart back office for freelancers. AND CO does Invoicing, Contracts, Proposals, Expense Tracking, Time Tracking and Task Management. This platform is based in New York, the United States.

Website: http://www.and.co

  1. Timely

This is a platform with its headquarters in Oslo, Norway. Automatic time tracking for freelancers and teams

Website: http://timelyapp.com


  1. Flywheel

This is a platform with its headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska, United States.Flywheel is hosting infrastructure enabling web designers, freelancers and creative agencies to launch and manage WordPress websites

Website: http://getflywheel.com

  1. Extend Enterprises Inc

This is a platform with its headquarters in New York, United States. Extend allows cardholders to safely share their credit card with employees and freelancers. The ability to accept credit payments will increase variety of clients you can take on as a freelancer.

Website: https://paywithextend.com/

  1. PeoplePerHour.com

This is a platform with its headquarters in London, England, United Kingdom. PeoplePerHour.com is a marketplace connecting small businesses and freelancers.

Website: http://www.peopleperhour.com

  1. Zhubajie

This is a platform with its headquarters in Chongqing, Heilongjiang, China. Zhubajie is a website that connects freelancers in design, IT, marketing, and other creative disciplines to paid projects

Website: http://int.zhubajie.com

  1. FreeAgent

This is a platform with its headquarters in Edinburgh, City of, United Kingdom. FreeAgent provides online accounting and money management software for small businesses and freelancers

Website: http://www.freeagent.com

  1. Storyhunter

This is a platform with its headquarters in New York, United States. The video production marketplace and freelancer management platform.

Website: http://www.storyhunter.com

  1. Creme de la Creme

This is a platform with its headquarters in Paris, Ile-de-France, France. Creme de la Creme connects companies with the most talented freelancers in Europe.

Website: https://cremedelacreme.io

  1. Shortlist Freelancer Management (Shortlist Project Inc)

This is a platform with its headquarters in San Francisco, California, United States. Shortlist helps companies find, collaborate, and manage their freelancers.

Website: http://www.shortlist.co

  1. Zervant

This is a platform with its headquarters in Espoo, Finland. Zervant offers online invoicing for small businesses and freelancers

Website: https://www.zervant.com

  1. WorkGenius (formerly Mylittlejob)

This is a platform with its headquarters in New York, United States. WorkGenius is an AI powered marketplace for enterprises to engage freelancers with SLAs – quality, pricing and compliance

Website: https://www.workgenius.com


  1. Malt

This is a platform with its headquarters in .Paris, Ile-de-France, France. Malt is a curated local marketplace, connecting the best freelancers and customers
Website: https://www.malt.com

  1. 17hats

This is a platform with its headquarters in California, United States. 17hats is the complete system that helps automate, organize, and optimize small business management for freelancers and entrepreneurs

Website: https://www.17hats.com

  1. Simbi

This is a platform with its headquarters in California, United States.Based in San Francisco, Simbi provides a way for freelancers and independent workers to turn their unbooked hours into real economic value

Website: https://simbi.com/

  1. Wethos

Wethos, a platform with its headquarters in New York, United States, connects highly skilled, socially conscious freelancers with more meaningful work

Website: https://wethos.co

  1. Tapoly on demand insurance

This is a platform with its headquarters in London, England, United Kingdom. Tapoly is an on demand insurance platform for freelancers, contractors and SMEs, and everyone else in the sharing economy and the gig economy.

Website: https://www.tapoly.com/

  1. Twine

This is a platform with its headquarters in Manchester, United Kingdom. Twine connects companies to creatives by making it simple to write a project brief and curating the best quality freelancers
Website: http://www.twine.fm

  1. Albert

This is a platform with its headquarters in London, United Kingdom. Albert is an innovative, fast growing technology company disrupting financial management for freelancers and the solo self-employed.

Website: http://www.getalbert.com/

  1. OnForce

OnForce Freelancer Management System is a cloud-based SaaS allowing businesses to engage, manage & pay their independent workforce

Website: http://www.onforce.com

  1. Painless1099

This platform offers smart, automated banking to help freelancers save cash for tax season

Website: http://www.painless1099.com/

  1. DoNanza

This is a platform with its headquarters in Tel Aviv, Israel. DoNanza offers professional-level tools that enable freelancers to find new jobs, brand their business, and communicate with clients

Website: http://www.donanza.com


  1. Engaging in Ghostwriting

This means that if a person enjoy writing, one can use this opportunity to make money offline and online by writing for others. For instance, bloggers look for freelance writers to ensure they produce valuable content.


  1. CrowdProperty

This is a peer-to-peer lending platform where you can make 8%-10% in interest income from lending to pre-approved UK property developers and your principal loan amount back. You get the advantage of 8%-10% interest and sterling fluctuations. With a Seed.co bank account, if you have £500, you are ready to lend. All property projects that go on CrowdProperty are pre-approved by a team of experienced property experts. Follow the link below to see the investment steps.

Website: https://www.crowdproperty.com/lenders

  1. PropertyPartner – Income Plan

Whereas CrowdProperty is a lending platform, Property Partner is an investment platform for UK property. You get to choose between three investment plans: the income plan, balanced plan or growth plan. When £10,000 is invested, PropertyPartner will also get the investor promotion-only cash back. Under the income plan, you invest in high-yielding assets to earn primarily through monthly dividends. Exposure to 6.5%+ returns. During the investment period your cash will be protected against any depreciation of your local currency.

Website: https://www.propertypartner.co/investmentplans#/income

  1. PropertyPartner – Balanced Plan

Same as 33, except under the balanced plan, your cash is spread across a range of properties for a balanced total return. Exposure to 7.5%+ returns.

Website: https://www.propertypartner.co/investmentplans#/balanced

  1. PropertyPartner – Growth Plan

Same as 33, except under the growth plan, you invest in properties forecast to achieve substantial capital growth. Exposure to 8.5%+ returns.

Website: https://www.propertypartner.co/investmentplans#/growth

  1. Housecrowd

This is a UK property crowdfunding platform that facilitates secured peer to peer lending against buy to let investments and property developments. It allows investors to buy shares in investment property from £1,000. So if you have less than £1,000 but team up with people you trust to jointly invest you can up to 10% per annum. During the investment period your cash will be protected against any depreciation of your local currency.

Website: www.thehousecrowd.com/

  1. Shojin – Mini-bond

Shojin is a peer-to-peer investment platform that allows the investor to pick from four different options: mini-bond, buy-to-let, bridging loans, Mezzanine or Development. Mini-bonds allow you to spread your risk across multiple properties and also choose if you would like to be paid monthly, annually, or get long-term growth. You can invest for 1 month to 5 years and get returns between 5-14% per annum.

Website: https://www.shojin.co.uk/

  1. Shojin – Buy-to-let

Under Buy-to-let, you become the landlord without the hassle of property management. You receive rent after expenses and capital growth. Due to the Property CrowdFunding Model, your money is diversified across multiple rental properties. You can invest for 1 month to 5 years and get returns between 5-12% per annum.

Website: https://www.shojin.co.uk/

  1. Shojin – Bridging loans

Bridging loans are used to provide an interim funding solution for property developers to accomplish strategic near-term objectives before the main line of finance is put in place. These kinds of loans typically run for 3-12 months. They are secured by a first charge on the property.

This kind of investment will give you fixed returns over a short time horizon in sterling. Bridging loans may be paid monthly on an annualised rate of 8-12%.

Website: https://www.shojin.co.uk/

  1. Shojin – Development

Under the development option, you co-invest with Shojin Property Partners. Although it is a loan, can invest for 1 to 3 years and get returns between 18-35% per annum, which will be similar to the developer. Your loan will be settled only if the bank loan also borrowed by the developer can be paid first.

Website: https://www.shojin.co.uk/


Advertisers look for social influencers to advertise through and to sell links to other websites for certain reasons :

Referral Traffic – readers who trust a blogger will also usually check out their links

Jump in Metrics – businesses that get inbound links from external websites get an increase in ranking metrics like DA, PA, TF, CF, etc.

Branding & authority – when bloggers or writers point to quality websites, their authority and branding improves.

Relationship opportunities – when bloggers or writers start to develop authority, guest bloggers and writers will contact such publishers.

Commission types: cpa (cost per acquisition), CPC (cost per click), cpi (cost per installed app in mobile marketing), cpl (cost per lead), cpm (cost per thousand impressions), cps (cost per sale), in-text (IN-text Advertising is a form of contextual advertising where specific keywords within the text of a web-page are matched with advertising and/or related information units) pop (pop-up under), ppc (pay per click), ppp (pay per post), pps (pay per sale), proof.

CPA or CPS. Cost per acquisition or cost per sale. Advertiser pays only for each purchase made.

CPC stands for cost per click advertising. Advertiser pays for a click on an ad.

CPI in mobile app marketing to media programs where the advertiser pays for each installed app.

CPL is short for cost per lead, meaning that the advertiser pays when a lead form is completed and submitted. CPL is common in B2B marketing, where it is unlikely that someone will make a purchase immediately. It can be a very effective way to buy, though there is some risk of fraud if bots are programmed to fill in leads automatically.

Segmenting your content: are you producing art & entertainment, automotive information, discussing business opportunities, sharing coupons, discussing relationships, finding download recommendations, discussing ecommerce, education, business & finance, food & drink, gaming, health & beauty, online trading, software, sharing survey projects or writing about travel?

Payment methods : bitcoin, cheque, direct deposit, neteller, paxum, payoneer, paypal, payza, skrill, webmoney, western union or wire.

Minimum unique visitors: to make money from blogging or writing, you probably need over 25,000 – 500,000 unique monthly visitors. Having less than 25,000 limits your options. Picking an obscure language limits your options. Some advertisers will limit the kind of languages that they will pay for. However if you are targeting African companies, you are less likely to have a language barrier issue.

Note too, that Google will sometimes downgrade certain websites that simply sell links instead of creating useful relevant content. So try to keep focus to your purpose and your writing passion rather than merely releasing disjointed posts that sell links.

  1. Blogsvertise

This platform connects advertisers to influencers. Based on the content of bloggers, Blogsvertise will send the bloggers suggestions for ads which they can either accept or decline. It facilitates: sponsored blog conversations & guest posting ads; banner ads, text link ads, inline ads; follow and no follow ads; connects advertisers to either new or advanced bloggers; extra income for stay at home mums, students or any other type of publishers; pay per click, pay per sale, lead generation commission ads; and an affiliate program for referring advertisers.

Website: https://www.blogsvertise.co.uk/

  1. BuySellAds

BuySellAds also connect advertisers to publishers. Min payment $20. Commission type CPM, Auction. Based in the US. Payment method Paypal etc.

Website: https://buysellads.com/

  1. Exoclick

Ranked 5th largest ad network in the world by W3Techs; Ranked twice Deloitte Fast 500; #1 ad network in the entertainment market. Exoclick allows advertisers to target by geo, language, OS, browser, device, and carrier.

Website: https://www.exoclick.com/

  1. Sombes

Sombes provides a CPM commission model. You subscribe to Sombes. When visitors come to your site, they get push notifications. Suscribers to your site get even more notifications. You get paid after 30 days by Paypal. Email support@sombes.com. Based in Canada/Bulgaria.

Website: https://sombes.com/

  1. AdventureFeeds

AdventureFeeds (A part of BeyondSpark Media Ltd.) is a Self-Serve ad platform for marketing professionals and agencies and a marketplace for publishers to find advertisers.

Website: https://adventurefeeds.com

  1. Infolinks

Infolinks is being used by 100,000+ publishers (100,000+ websites) to reach 240m unique visitors per month with 1.5 billion ads. This is a professional way to monetise writing. Infolinks offer CPC, CPM and in-text commissions. Pay after 45 days and can pay to paypal.

Website: https://www.infolinks.com

  1. Media.net

Media.net is a marketplace for publishers to find advertisers. Examples of advertisers include Reuters, Elle, Better Homes & Gardens, and Esquire. Media.net offers

Website: https://www.media.net/

  1. Smartyads

Smartyads is an online marketplace for publishers and advertisers. Smartyads offer CPM commissions. They cover the US, UK, China, Malaysia and Hong Kong. They are able to make Paypal payments.

Website: https://smartyads.com

  1. DigitalJournal

Digital Journal is a global digital media network with contributors from 200 countries around the world. Reaching an audience of millions of monthly visitors, Digital Journal blends a new media approach with proprietary technology, data and social tool sets to deliver a unique and engaging experience. If you can become a contributor, you can get paid to write.

Website: http://www.digitaljournal.com/corporate/about_us.php#ixzz5QdhJ0XZh

  1. Gen.Video

Gen.Video is owned by a US company. It is consumer-oriented video platform that features video product reviews submitted by community members called “Videopinions” as well as ‘how-to’ video content and market research videos. If you can create videos that will get the attention of other shoppers, Gen.Video allows you to find advertisers.

Website: https://gen.video

  1. EonAds

EonAds is a publisher-focused ad network that offers publishers or content creators CPC and CPM commissions. They offer minimum payments of $10. They pay offer 15 days. They offer Paypal payments.

Website: https://www.eonads.com/
Contact: eonadssolutions@eonads.com

  1. 24scan

24scan provide publishers and advertisers with a marketplace. With them, the minimum payment is $100. Commission types include CPA (cost per acquisition/purchase), CPS (cost per sale), or CPL (cost per lead). Payment is weekly or NET 15. They make paypal payments. 24scan is based in the US. Due to a CPA commission model, the hurdle for payment is higher because advertisers through this network tend to pay for actual purchases being made.

Website: https://24scan.com

  1. Popunderzone

This network for publishers and advertisers has no minimum traffic requirements. They pay by Paypal. During the week, they will approve your website within 1 hour and 12 hours on weekends. They operate a CPM commission model. PopunderZone settle with publishers on request.

Website: https://popunderzone.com/

  1. BidVertiser

Simply display the BidVertiser ads on your website and let advertisers bid against each other. Bidvertisers will then display the highest bid on your website. This is a self-service platform for both publishers and advertisers. This company pays on 30 days. They offer CPC, POP or ebay-seller related commissions.

Website: https://www.bidvertiser.com/

  1. RevenueHits

RevenueHits is a self-service Ad Network platform for publishers. Developed, owned and operated by leading ad technology company Intango, RevenueHits is a powerful solution, leveraging intelligent algorithms designed to monetize your online property to the fullest. This company is used by 20,000 publishers.

Website: https://www.revenuehits.com/

  1. AdsTerra

This platform is used in 190 different countries. Advertises to 10 billion impressions per month. They offer various payment plans: CPA, CPL, CPO or CPI (PPI). Adsterra support display banners, popunders, direct links, pre-roll videos, push notifications and interstitials. They do 468×60, 728×90 and 320×50.

Website: https://adsterra.com/

  1. AdNow

This plaform currently connects 160,000 publishers to 1,700 advertisers in 114 countries. So they should be open to helping you monitise a website focused on africa, india or china. But you need to do your research and position your content before using any of these ad networks. AdNow is a widget-based native advertising network and is one of the best networks out there. AdNow focus on Native ads which means they tailor ad more carefully to readers of your website.

Website: https://adnow.com/

  1. MGID

MGID is an established network with a huge global reach. Example of publishers using them include Organic Authority, Tradedoubler and Snakkle. MGID provide CPM commissions and pay on 30 days on payments over $100. MGID pay by Paypal or Wire. MGID have a minimum traffic requirement.

Website: https://www.mgid.com/

  1. Chitika

This is an online advertising network. Chitika has no minimum traffic requirement, allows publishers to choose the ad type, have a payment threshold of $10 and can pay to Paypal. Over 350,000 publishers are usng Chitika. Chitika offer CPC and CPM commissions.

Website: https://chitika.com

  1. Spoutable

Spoutable is a Native ad network for publishers and advertisers. They support traffic from Asia, the USA, UK and Australia among other countries. Spoutable uses its own and partner networks to reach a bigger list of advertisers. They offer a CPM rate of 29 to 40 cents. They have no traffic requirement. They pay on a 20 day basis provided a minimum of $100 has to be paid. Payment options are Paypal and Wire.

Website: https://www.spoutable.com/

  1. Taboola

Taboola is content marketing platform based in Israel. The platform includes services to help publishers under traffic to their websites, engage visitors and monetizing the websites.

Website: https://www.taboola.com/

  1. Outbrain

Outbrain is an online advertiser specializing in presenting sponsored website links. Outbrain provide in-text, interstitial and popup technologies. They also help publishers manage traffic within the website by providing data analytics to publishers. Outbrain focus on providing native ads, which are paid ads that match the look, feel and function of the publisher website.

Website: https://www.outbrain.com

  1. Content.ad

This is a native ad network for connecting advertisers to publishers. They have a minimum traffic requirement of 30,000 page views per month. They offer CPM commissions in the range $0.05 to $2 per thousand. They offer Paypal and Wire as payment options.

Website: https://http://content.ad/

  1. Disqus

Disqus is a comment plugin that can be embedded in websites and blogs. It pushes native ads with comments and monetises clicks on these ads. Although Disqus has no traffic requirement it also has a low CPM rate of $0.30.

Website: https://help.disqus.com/

  1. Gravity

Gravity has a mission – to personalize the entire web, in an effort to understand user interest patterns and serve personalized content recommendations based on the topics that they engage with most. That’s a long way of saying they are a native ad network. The kind of advertisers that use them include Charles Schwab, Sony, Intel, Toshiba, Gap, AOL, WordPress, Pando Daily, The Hollywood Reporter, and TechCrunch. They support publishers with useful analytics to help them improve their content arrangement. This is another way to monetise a website. More than 500 publishers use Gravity.

Website: http://www.gravity.com/

  1. NativeAds

This is a Native Ad Exchange for Content Publishers, Brands and Agencies. 300 publishers are using this.

Website: https://nativeads.com

  1. RevContent

2,300 publishers and 1,500 advertisers use RevContent. RevContent does something different. It uses machine learning (an application of artificial intelligence) to display advertisers on publisher websites. This involves using over 3,000 types of factors such as location, age, interest and the website itself to personalise the advertisements so that it does seem out of place. In comparison Facebook use about 800 factors to place advertisements to Facebook users. RevContent clients include Purch (the media manager for AnandTech, Business.com, Laptop Mag, LiveScience, Space.com and Tom’s Guide) and CoinDesk.

Website: https://www.revcontent.com/

  1. EZOIC

If you make content (either a website or a blog). Another platform that places AI in your hands is EZOIC. EZOIC is a publisher-focused plaform. They offer layout testers, ad testers, big data analytics, ad mediation (auctioning space to advertisers), AMP converters and header bidding. EZOIC is not a network so some work is needed to find advertisers.

Website: https://www.ezoic.com

  1. Adblade

This is an ad network – it links publishers to advertisers. They pay based on a CPM or CPC model. They require minimum traffic of 500,000 monthly impressions.

Website: http://adblade.com/

  1. Undertone

This is an ad network – it links publishers to advertisers. They offer different commission models: CPM, CPC, CPA and CPV. They require minimum traffic of 500,000 monthly impressions. The ad format is premium banners and displays. Undertone have a technology that allows them to offer CPMs that are 100% higher than average.

Website: http://www.undertone.com/

  1. Vibrant Media

Vibrant Media have no minimum traffic requirements which is good for newbie publishers. This is an ad network – it links publishers to advertisers. They offer 2 commission models: either CPM or CPC. Vibrant mostly use contextual ads formats: such as in-text, in-image, lightbox, storyboard, mosaic, and brand canvas.

Website: http://www.vibrantmedia.com/

  1. Clicksor

Clicksor have no minimum traffic requirements which is good for newbie publishers. Clicksor is already used by 100,000 websites and places 900 million ad impressions. This is an ad network – it links publishers to advertisers. They offer a few commission options: CPM, CPC, CPV and CPI. Clicksor use plugin technology that easily works with popular blogging providers such as Blogger, Drupal & WordPress.

Website: www.clicksor.com/

  1. Advertising.com

Advertising.Com is the tech & data insights division of AOL. Min traffic is 300k monthly impressions. Advertising.Com places 2 billion ads per day. It serves 70 of the top 100 ad-supported sites. This is an ad network – it links publishers to advertisers. They offer 3 commission options: CPM, CPC and CPA.

Website: https://www.advertising.com

  1. Creafi Online Media

COM offers publishers multiple ad formats, revenue streams and good control over ad inventory. Min traffic is 1 million monthly impressions. COM places 300 million ads per day. Its tech methodologies include behavioural targeting, re-targeting and semantic targeting. This is an ad network – it links publishers to advertisers. They offer 3 commission options: CPM, CPC and CPV.

Website: http://www.creafi-online-media.com/

  1. Propeller Ads

Propeller Ads have no minimum traffic requirements which is good for newbie publishers. Indicative CPM for US and UK visitors is $1-$2. This is a display and mobile advertising network – it links publishers to advertisers. They offer 3 commission options: CPM, CPC and CPA.

Website: https://propellerads.com/

  1. Cointraffic

Cointraffic are used by 400+ crypto-currency related websites. Advertisers include KuCoin, Propy, Paragon, 1xBit.com, bitstarz, enjin and kickico.

Website: https://cointraffic.io

  1. Blog Ads

Blog Ads have no minimum traffic requirements which is good for newbie publishers. This platform also allows the publisher to manage multiple websites with one Blog Ads account. Setting up an account is easy. Blog Ads is an advertising network – it links publishers to advertisers. They operate 2 commission options: CPC and CPA.

Website: http://web.blogads.com/

  1. Pulsepoint

Pulsepoint have no minimum traffic requirements, no sign up fees and no hidden costs. PP is a CPM based ad network. PP place 100 billion ads transactions each month. Pulsepoint is used by 5,000+ publishers.

Website: http://www.pulsepoint.com/

  1. Adcash

Adcash have no minimum traffic requirements. Adcash supports display, mobile and other online ad formats. It operates in 250 countries and territories. Commission paid may be based on CPC, CPM, CPI or CPA. Adcash is used by 20,000+ websites. Pays out on 3 million app installs per month, and 200m unique users per day.

Website: https://adcash.com/

  1. Adboomchance

Boomchance sources worldwide ads. Ad formats include Display, Text, Mobile, Video and Native ads. This ad network pays publishers either by CPC or CPA. It provides support to publishers using real-time reporting, reporting by campaign and ad filtering. Payment terms are 30 days, if a minimum payment of $50 is due. Payment is by Paypal or Wire. Boomchance have no minimum traffic requirements.

Website http://adboomchance.com/

  1. AdGaem

AdGaem coverage includes China. Ad Gaem currently buy ad space from 5000+ publishers. Ad formats include Display, Text, and Mobile. This ad network pays publishers either by Rev share, CPM, CPC or CPA. It provides support to publishers using real-time reporting, reporting by campaign and ad filtering. Payment terms are 30 days, if a minimum payment of $50 is due. Payment is by Paypal or Wire. Ad Gaem requires a minimum of 10,000 monthly unique visitors. This network doesn’t work with Adult Content websites

Website http://www.adgaem.com/

  1. Adit-Media

Adit-Media is a performance based boutique ad network. Works with direct clients & Publishers. Adit-media display mobile ads. This ad network includes only North America, Europe and China. Commissions can be paid based Rev share, Flat fees, CPM or CPA. Min impressions are 300,000 per month. Payments can be made by Paypal or Wire. Adit do not display Alcohol, Tobacco or Adult ads.

Website http://adit-media.com/

  1. Adomantra

This ad network sources worldwide ads including all three regions. Ad formats include Display, Text, Mobile, Video and Native ads. This ad network pays publishers either by CPC or CPA. It provides support to publishers using real-time reporting, reporting by campaign and ad filtering. Payment terms are 30 days, if a minimum payment of $50 is due. Payment is by Paypal or Wire. Boomchance have no minimum traffic requirements.

Website https://www.adomantra.com/

  1. Adsaro

This ad network is worldwide and sources ads for all verticals. AdPlay pays publishers either by CPM or CPV. It is currently used by 10,000+ publishers. Ads come as displays, text or mobile. It provides support to publishers using real-time reporting, reporting by campaign and ad filtering. Targeting is geographic and site-specific. Payment terms are 15 days, if a minimum payment of $50 is due. Payment is by Paypal or Wire. There is no minimum traffic required.

Website: https://adsaro.com/

  1. AdsFirstSun

This ad network covers North America (NA), the EU, Latin America (LATAM) & Africa; and sources ads for all verticals. AdPlay pays publishers either by CPM or CPV. It is currently used by 10,000+ publishers. Ad Formats include nativde ads, displays, text or mobile. It provides support to publishers using real-time reporting, reporting by campaign and ad filtering. Targeting is geographic and site-specific. Payment terms are 15 days, if a minimum payment of $50 is due. Payment is by Paypal or Wire. There is no minimum traffic required. AdsFirstSun do not work with gambling or adult content publishers.

Website: https://www.adsfirstsun.com/

  1. Conversant

This ad network is worldwide and sources ads for all verticals. Conversant pays publishers either by CPC or CPM. It is currently used by 8,000+ publishers. Ads come as displays, video or mobile. It provides support to publishers using real-time reporting, reporting by campaign and ad filtering. Targeting is geographic and site-specific. Coversant do not work with alcohol, tobacco or adult publishers. Payment is by Paypal or Wire. There is no minimum traffic required.

Website: https://www.conversantmedia.com/

  1. Exponential-Tribal Fusion

This ad network pays publishers by revenue share. Ads come as displays, video or mobile. It provides support to publishers using real-time reporting, reporting by campaign and ad filtering. Targeting options include geographic, behavioural, demographic, contextual, re-targeting and site-specific. Approval requires 500 monthly unique views.

Website: http://www.exponential.com/

  1. Rocket Fuel

This ad network pays publishers by CPM. Ads are sourced from all verticals and come as displays or video. It provides support to publishers using real-time reporting, reporting by campaign and ad filtering. Targeting options include geographic, purchase-based, behavioural, demographic, channel, contextual, re-targeting and site-specific.

Website: http://www.rocketfuel.com/

  1. Gamut

Ads are sourced from all verticals,are programmatic and come as displays or video.

Website: http://www.gamut.media/

  1. RhythmOne

This ad network pays publishers by CPM. Ads are sourced from all verticals and come as banners or video. It provides support to publishers using real-time reporting, reporting by campaign and ad filtering. Targeting options include geographic, purchase-based, behavioural, demographic, contextual, re-targeting and site-specific. RhythmOne supply adds to web publishers and mobile app publishers to.

Website: https://www.rhythmone.com/

  1. India Vigyapan

India Vigyapan deals with Revenue share, CPM, CPC and CPA. Ads are sourced from the majority of verticals and come as either banners, text, video or mobile. It provides support to publishers using real-time reporting, reporting by campaign and ad filtering. Targeting options include geographic, behavioural, demographic, contextual, re-targeting and site-specific. This ad network requires minimum monthly unique visitors of 100,000.

Website: http://www.indiavigyapan.com/

  1. AdSupply

Approval to join this network requires only minimum monthly unique visitors of 25 and minimum monthly impression of 50. This ad network covers web visitors from the three regions. Publishers are paid by either revenue share, CPM or auction. Ads format: banners, text, video, native or mobile. It provides support to publishers using real-time reporting, reporting by campaign and ad filtering. Targeting options include geographic, behavioural, demographic, or site-specific. Publishers are paid on 30 days, irrespective of amount payable.

Website: http://www.adsupply.com/

  1. CPMob

Approval to join this network requires no minimum monthly unique visitors. This ad network covers web visitors from the three regions. Publishers are paid on CPM. This is a display only ad format. It provides support to publishers using real-time reporting, reporting by campaign and ad filtering. Targeting options include geographic, behavioural, purchase-based, channel, contextual, demographic, re-targeting or site-specific. Publishers are paid monthly, if a minimum of $5 is payable.

Website: http://www.cpmob.com/

  1. Geeky Network

This ad network covers all verticals so make sure to use ad-filtering. Advertisers looking to reach all three regions are available. Ad formats: display and mobile. Commission models available: CPC, CPM, CPA or CPV. It provides support to publishers using real-time reporting, and ad filtering only. Targeting options include geographic, channel, and contextual. Publishers are paid when the minimum amount of $250 is reached.

Website: http://www.geekynetwork.com/

  1. Link Targeter

This ad network covers all verticals and sources advertisers worldwide, so there will be companies looking to reach Africa, India or China. Ad formats: displays, text, mobile or native. Commission models available: CPM or CPV. It provides support to publishers using real-time reporting, and ad filtering only. Targeting options include geographic, channel, and contextual. Publishers are paid when the minimum amount of $50 is reached. Minimum monthly unique views of 10,000 is required.

Website: http://www.linktargeter.com/

  1. Maclato

This ad network covers all verticals and sources advertisers worldwide, including those targeting Africa, India or China. This network focuses on mobile publishers. It provides support to publishers using real-time reporting and ad filtering only. Targeting options include geographic and purchase-based. Publishers are paid every 30 days when the minimum amount of $50 is reached.

Website: http://maclato.com/

  1. Ginger Media

This network has no minimum traffic requirements, covers all verticals and sources advertisers worldwide, including those targeting Africa, India or China. All ad formats are offered – display, text, native, video and mobile. It provides support to publishers using real-time reporting, reporting by campaign and ad filtering only. All targeting options are available. Publishers are paid every 30 days when the minimum amount of $50 is reached. Ginger media doesn’t work with adult content, gambling, or smoking-related advertisers.

Website: http://www.gingermedia.com/


  1. Implement cloud accounting for small business owners

If you want to make an additional $1000-2000+ in one project, you can look out for business owners who want to be able to spy on their employees, see their financial position and see their financial results from any geographical location on the continent or the world. Certain software packages like Xero, SAGE (UK), IRIS, NetSuite and Aqilla can empower your client to see all transactions going through their business: sales, purchases, salaries and taxes.

Company Name Cloud Accounting Website
Xero Yes https://www.xero.com/
SAGE (UK) Yes https://uk.sageone.com/
IRIS Yes https://www.iris.co.uk
NetSuite Yes www.netsuite.com/NetSuite/Software
Aqilla Yes https://www.aqilla.com/
  1. Creating Nurseries and Nanny Business

Nurseries are important avenues through which young and old women can make money. Depending on their location and management, nurseries can make one to earn 10 to 50% net margin.

  1. Organizing Social Events

People who are good in organizing events such as dinner parties can use such skills to make extra income. Creativity is the basic component that one uses to market his job.

  1. Starting a Salon and Nail Bar

Women are always looking for salon and nail bar that provides them with services they need. Thus, such opportunities can be utilized by skilled men and women to make money and improve their living standards.

  1. Moving Household Furniture

Since in Africa, India and China many people live in rental houses, they keep on changing residential houses. This is a good opportunity to make money by moving their items to new locations. Additionally, one can hire people to assist in the job, thus creating jobs for other people.

  1. Part Time Auditing

Part time auditing is one of the best methods to make money for individuals who are conversant with auditing and accounting in general. There is high demand for auditing services in the three regions.

  1. Creating EBooks for Local Book Publishers

People with specialized knowledge in Mathematics, Science, African History, or Food Technology can create eBooks for local publishing companies and earn extra income (Hill and Charles, 2015). Likewise, one can undertake self-publish and earn minimum revenue when the book is sold.

  1. Acting as A Broker or Middlemen

People can act as broker or middlemen whereby they are able to assist individuals who want to rent or buy property and they do not have direct access to those properties. By pairing the seller and the buyer one gets a commission when the property is sold.

  1. Copyright

Copywriting skills have made many people to earn money. Through the internet, individuals are able to write blogs and articles that cover different topics that touch on different issues affecting people. As a result, they earn rewarding income as part time or full time copywriters.

  1. Getting Cashback

Cashback sites offer good opportunities for people to earn money. For example, TopCashBack has continued to make individuals earn high incomes. In China, people can boost their returns by swapping them for Walmart clubcard points. Quidco also provides a good chance where individuals get extra income.

  1. Gardening

This entails creating a subscription service whereby garden owners can access one’s services. Innovation is therefore a key aspect that one can embrace to make more money through gardening.

  1. Establishing A Membership Site

Membership sites provide a good opportunity for making extra money. If one can find a way of utilizing the information they know about and can easily access, he or she can create valuable content and host a platform. Once members pay monthly fee, the owner can earn more income.

  1. Establishing A Resourceful Blog

One of the major ways through people can make money online is by creating blogs that will educate audience on various social, political and economic issues. It is vital to ensure that the blogs are of high content and include what one enjoys most.

  1. Performing Surveys

Surveys provide good opportunity for making money. For example, When Amazon and M&S establishes an outlet in the three regions, individuals can use valued opinions to be paid by such companies when they make surveys on their behalf. Opinion outpost can also be used to expand ones income.

  1. Sourcing Property for Rich Investors

As the need for expanding employment and increasing output, wealthy investors have tendency to invest their money. However, some of them have no adequate time to make their investments. One can source properties for them and get paid through an upfront retainer and final payment when the property is found.

  1. Creating Learning Materials

Education has made many people to earn higher income. As a result, learners are demanding learning materials and not necessarily printed books. If one has special knowledge in a particular field for example accounting and banking, he or she can write learning materials on these areas and sell the products to learning institutions or students.

  1. Creating an Application

Most apps make money. A tech person can make such apps and sell them to smartphone users. On the other hand, individuals with low IT knowledge can collaborate with a tech person to produce apps.

  1. Embracing Betting Games

Joining betting games can make one to lose money. On the other hand, it can make one to earn high income and improve his standard of living. That is if you become ‘The House’ and code new exciting games with in-game purchases. If a global audience likes your game, this can markedly increase your earnings and wealth.

  1. Testing Website

More people and organizations in Africa, India and China are using online methods to sell their products. Their objective is to make their websites user friendly. One can get paid for testing such websites and earn for example $10 for 30 minutes.

  1. Undertaking Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing entails use of blogs that relates to price comparison and platforms such as vlogs and podcasts in order to make money. In addition, it entails promoting products that one has used and knows their benefits to the audience.

  1. Establishing A Subscription Entity

Subscribers can make one to earn higher income than customers. Through establishing a subscription business, an individual is in a position to make automatic customers. Some good examples of businesses that can be able to create a subscription include gardening, cleaning services and ringing tones.

  1. Cyber Security Training

There is a diversity of security awareness levels among the internet users community. Some people are more gullible than others. There is therefore an opportunity if you an develop a competent training programme to approach either private companies or government to offer training on email risks, preventing identity theft, avoiding account hacks on social media, how to protect data and tactics for dealing with internet fraud. Once you secure one client, you can take lessons learned and roll it out to other clients.

  1. Establishing A Printable Business

Other people’s talents can be used to make money. For example, one can create printable business. Various websites such as Etsy have been noted to create resourceful entrepreneurs. Thus, one can use the websites and learn how to start a printable business.

  1. Starting Virtual Assist

In the modern world of using social media in marketing and communication, virtual assists are highly demanded. The roles of virtual assists include copywriting, bookkeeping and managing social media posts and accounts. One can earn up to $30 per hour as a virtual assist.

  1. Creating An Online Store

In one want to make hundreds or thousands of dollars each month, own online store provides a good opportunity. For example, one can use the services of Shopify to set up and run an eCommerce store. In this way, customers will easily access one’s products thus increasing the online sales.

  1. Managing Social Media Approaches

In Africa, China and India, social media has resulted in new jobs. Social media usage by individuals and organizations can be used by individuals to increase their income. This can be done by assisting businesses on how to grow their users and effectively market their products.

  1. Making Investments

Investing entails putting money in an environment that makes one to earn a return thus achieving financial freedom. Some of the major investments platforms one can use include Hargreaves Lansdown or IG Markets.

  1. Creating Own YouTube Channel

As the use smartphones increase, You Tube provides a reliable opportunity through which owners can make money. However, one needs to provide valuable content. The larger the number of viewers, the higher the revenue one gets.

  1. Buying And Selling Domain Names

Once an individual own a domain, they remain worth overtime. This means that buying quality domains and especially those that are undervalued is one of the important ways of investing in intangible resources (Graham and Dodd, 2002). Basically, one need to buy the domains, hold them and sell them later.

  1. Delivering Items on Behalf Of Companies

In their effort to reduce costs of distribution and ensure effective delivery of products, big retail outlets and companies such as Argos and Amazon rely on individuals to deliver their products and services. Thus, this becomes a major way of earning more money.

  1. Working at A Supermarket

Working at a supermarket can make one to earn more money especially if one works on the weekends or extra time. Established supermarkets are likely to pay higher wage in addition to potential discounts on products.

  1. Undertaking Freelance Work

If a person has specific skills that are highly demanded, one can work as a freelance and get paid. For instance Fiverr and PayPerHour offers good platform through which educated young people in the developing countries can embrace to make money.

  1. Selling One’s Story

Every person has his or her own story. While journalists can make their own stories to be included in a magazine or newspaper, they look for exciting stories that is able to capture the attention of readers. Thus, individuals can sell fascinating real-life stories and get paid.

  1. Part-Time Cleaning Services

In residential areas especially the one occupied by middle class and upper class people, cleaning houses and household items including clothes and carpet can help many people to earn extra income. Such services can be offered during weekends and evenings.

  1. Part-Time Farming

Africa and most parts of India have unutilized land that can be used for agricultural activities. Many people who are employed or in self-business may own land or hire agricultural land where they can grow different types of crops as dictated by the market demand. In this way, they can sell the produce and after deducting the expenses, get a gross profit and increased income.

  1. Renting Furniture

During weekends, social gatherings such as parties and wedding ceremonies as well as during public holidays, the affluent people in China, Africa and India can rent out their extra furniture like tables and chairs within their residential areas. In turn, the owners can make more money.

  1. Renting Out Farming Equipment

Many urban and rural based farmers in Africa, India and China can make extra income by renting out their farming equipment when they are not using them. Such equipment includes animal spray, water pumps and fixing equipment.

  1. Offering Repairing Services

There are many people in the three regions with adequate skills in relation to repairing of electronics such as televisions, radios, mobile phones, and fridges. Such people need to make their services known by consumers through marketing strategies including advertising. In this way, they will offer their services to more people thus earning extra income.

  1. Recycling and Reselling Plastic Items

Many households in Africa and India use plastic containers like bottles, cups, plates and holders. Once these items accumulate in a house, one can sell them or recycle them and produce other useful products thus making extra money.

  1. Selling Old Clothes

As people increase their income, they have more disposable clothing especially which are out of fashion. Instead of burning such clothes, owners can sell them to other low income earners and in the process make more money.

  1. Organizing Education Services

The education systems in Africa, India and China are at least three tiers. Those with higher level of education can organize education forums to help individuals at lower level to attain some skills which can help the latter to improve their performance at a fee, thus making highly educated people to make more money.

  1. Working as Part-Time Security Guards

India, Africa and China have increasing number of middle class people. This category of people own residential and commercial premises which need human guards at every hour. This is normally done in shifts. An individual can join one of the shifts and get paid at the end of the month.

  1. Working as Premise Caretaker

Many commercial and residential buildings require caretakers who are in charge of several duties such as cleaning, collecting rents and gatekeeping. These jobs can be done by men or women either on full time or part time basis. In this way, one can take such job and make extra income.

  1. Participating in Roadside Sales Promotion

In the three regions, competition among local companies has become stiff making them to adopt various advertising and promotion strategies. Through participating in roadshows, which are done during daytime, people working during the night can get involved in such shows, get paid and make more money.

  1. Participating in Political Activities

The political activities especially prior to a general election brings about quite a number of ground activities including party membership recruitment, polling agents job vacancies, printing and distribution of posters and material; campaigns. By participating in such activities, one is paid leading to making more money.

  1. Motivational Speaking

Many professionals in Africa, India and China have a lot of information which they can share with others including lower level professionals, students, convicts and employees. The experts can make additional money from organization of government by engaging these people periodically or at their own convenience.

  1. RateSetter

Peer to peer lending is another way through which young and middle class people can invest their money and get a return. Essentially, this involves lending money to other people or businesses through online avenues that are effective in matching lenders with borrowers. For instance, RateSetter can be used by people who want to use this method to make money.

  1. Getting A Remote-Working Job

Various online platforms allow individuals to compete small duties for example those that can help an organization to improve its search engine outcomes. This can be done from home while staying with the family and kids. One can earn approximately $200 per month depending on the hours an individual works.

  1. Establishing A Recruitment Agency

Personnel recruitment agency provides a good opportunity for one to make money. Besides offering a one-off placement for a potential employee, one can embark on supplying temporary staff to an organization and get paid by the candidate and the hiring organization.

  1. Involvement In Bartending Job

Bartending is one of the decent ways to earn part time income. Even though some people are hesitant to take such kind of job, it is a better way both to both educated and less educated people to make money besides improving their social life.


  1. Writing CV

CV writing is an easy way to make money since those doing it have needed experience and skills. The CV markets in Africa, India and China are not regulated, implying that one can use this opportunity and make as much as $50 per CV.

  1. Moving Office Furniture and other Household Items

Business premises and household furniture are always moving every day. This means that one can set up a van or a pick-up that with a sign that reads ‘ask for transport’. In this way, one will perform such task and make money.

  1. Providing Ironing Services

Ironing is one of the tasks which are hated by most people. An individual who is interested in making extra money can initiate an ironing service and advertise the business within the areas he or she is residing. One can earn up to $20 within 10-30 minutes of ironing.

  1. Working As A TV Or Film Extra

Acting as an extra for a local film can be a good opportunity to earn extra income. One does not need to join many agencies. Nevertheless, the costs of travelling can reduce the income earned. One can earn approximately $70 per day inclusive of any overtime payment.

  1. Getting Paid for Gaming, Searching Online Materials and Watching Videos

One of the platforms that pay for short online engagements is Swagbucks. One is able to get rewards for using it besides exchanging one’s virtual cash for M&S gifts card, real money or PayPal credits.

  1. Involving in Videography or Photography

Photography can be undertaken by anyone as long he or she has a camera. One can earn $300-$1000 per week from photography. To earn money from videography or photography, one needs to invest in the necessary kit.

  1. Tutoring

Through holding regular tuition for students one is able to make extra money and improve their living standards. If one has the necessary skills and passion, tutoring business can be a major source of income since there are limited restriction in this area.

  1. Starting Business Targeting Children

Children are potential consumers that can make a person to make more money easily. Based on the high demand of some games by children for instance football, one can start the business of selling balls and uniforms within the town, ultimately making extra income.

  1. Entering Foreign Currency Market

Money can easily be made by selling money. One does not need a Western Union or MoneyGram to sell foreign currency. Basically, one requires choosing the currency that he or she will specialize in. Major currencies involved are Euro, Sterling Pound and US Dollars.

  1. Establishing a Cleaning Company

A cleaning company with all the necessary equipment is another way through which individuals can make money. Based on their busy schedule, people who work full-time need cleaners. This implies one can start such business within the neighborhood and capture the attention of potential consumers.

  1. Consulting Services

When one has the experience and skills that can benefit other people or organizations, it provides an opportunity to work as a consultant and get paid for the services offered. In addition, one can use the internet and offer consultancy services through platforms such as Zoom and Skype.

  1. Introducing Food Business

There is always a significant demand for good food. Notably, one can improve the business if healthy choices are introduced to serve a specific market niche. One of the best approaches is to serve family members who will evaluate the business and later target outside consumers.

  1. Holding Party Business

Parties occur regularly. The major issue as far as making money through parties is concerned is to look for a niche market. For example, one can specialize in parties held by children and provide services that are needed at a premium fee thus making money.

  1. Franchising

Franchising entails selling one’s intellectual property and business ideas to another person in exchange of a recurring fee. This method of making money is mostly applicable in businesses even though individuals can use it to make extra income.

  1. Entering Cake Business

Cake business provides a good avenue of making money especially for the people with baking skills since a high premium is paid for custom cakes. However, one does not need to have knowledge on how to make a cake, outsourcing the service through connecting the market demand and supply can be adopted.

  1. Renting Out Unutilized Space

Renting out some space is one of the easiest ways of making money specifically for small businesses with few employees. This implies that the business owner is able use his or her assets to make money. Lodgers can be found through various channels for example Spareroom.

  1. Starting Decorating Business

People, who are good at identifying details and creativity, can establish their own decorating businesses. To succeed in this area and earn more money, one need to be reliable and provide a product that meets the needs of his or her consumers.

  1. Airbnb

This method indicates that if an individual has a home that he does not own, he can use the technique of let to let. This refers to letting a home, paying rent and subletting the home for a profit. The contract should be legal since there are various risks involved.

  1. Renting Properties Through Assets Investing

Investing in property is one of the best ways to achieve financial wealthy. This is based on the fact that by making such investments, one can attain capital gains besides recurring rentals.


  1. Creating Sensory Businesses For Children

This entails introducing an avenue for women with children by using the existing franchises of investing in new ones. Since they are not expensive, an individual can purchase them and start making money. Alternatively, one can start a new brand and later sell the franchises once he attains his goals.

  1. Renting Garden Space

Renting garden space is another way through which people can make money. For example, one can host weddings and children events and get paid. This means that one should maintain a decent sized garden for it to attract the attention of potential customers.

  1. Acting As A Taxi Driver

For people who are licensed to drive and want to make extra income can use the opportunity of driving others for example during weekends and get paid. One can join Uber taxi and start making extra income.

  1. Renting Out One’s Driveway

Wasting space can be utilized to make money. For instance, people who reside within 15 -30 minutes from a railway station can rent out the unused space to be used as car park for people who want to travel using the train. A rent of $ 10 per day can make one to earn over $200 per month.

  1. Selling or Renting a Wedding Dress

A wedding dress is mostly used once by the bride. Even though it can appear like a cash cow, renting or selling a wedding gown can make one to make money and spend it on other necessities.

  1. Establishing an Expert Business Through Leveraging of Specialized Skills

Internet offers one of the best chances through which individuals can create an expert business and connect to his audience. If a person wants to make extra money, he can use the skills he has acquired from different areas and come up with a good business.

  1. Wholesale Selling and Buying

This method of making money is appealing since individuals rely on pre-agreed order in terms of price and quantity. By providing reliable and favorable price, one is able to dispose the stock and be left with adequate money.

  1. Negotiation of Higher Contribution to Pension

Most employees are aware of the percentage of their salaries deducted by the employers for the purpose of paying pension contributions. However, the workers are not aware that they can negotiate the rate especially for those in senior positions such as manager or supervisor.

  1. Selling Products on eBay

Selling through eBay is one of the major techniques through which people can make money through online methods (Owen, 2018). One can sell products and services through this platform or buy at low price and sell at high prices.

  1. Making Negotiation on Certain Element of One’s Pay

This involves negotiating a special element that touches on one’s salary. For example, one can increase his or her income by bargaining on the percentage of the commission paid to them after making a sale.

  1. Upcycling

The things that are thrown away by households and individual consumers can be used to make valuable items. For example, discarded wooden items can be used to make expensive tables. Since such products attract high prices, individuals can use such an opportunity to make money.

  1. Acting as A Personal Shopper

This refers to offering assistance to women and men who are interested in new fashion. Basically, personal shoppers provide freelance services and can make up to $200 after working for 2 days.

  1. Working as A Private Chef and Providing Healthy Foods

The demand for healthy food to avoid lifestyle deceases; act as an opportunity that people can use to make money. In this case, one should ask for money in advance to avoid being left with unsold food and incur a loss.

  1. Acquiring Event Tickets with the Objective of Reselling Them

Buying tickets in advance and later selling to people who attend an event is one of the best ways of making money. For instance, when top performers visit a town, one can easily earn more than 80% from the sale.

  1. Performing Mystery Shopping

It is the objective of most retail shops to provide brands that meet the needs of their customers. This entails hiring agencies to review the quality of products. One can get hired by such shops and get paid in turn making extra income.

  1. Selling at Car Boots

People who are able to spot items that can sell faster can look for such products from car boots and sell them through eBay. Basically, one should look for collectible items that are rare in order to make more money.

  1. Establishing a Cottage Industry

Individuals who are good at producing creative and attractive arts can use Etsy to advance their career, ultimately making money. Etsy provides a place where people can sell home decorations, jewellery and artworks.

  1. Hosting Students From Other Countries During Holidays

During holidays, one can host students from other countries and make money. For example, in Africa tourism attracts foreign customers. Local entrepreneurs and students can utilize such a chance to make extra income.

  1. Pet and House Sitting

This entails looking for a house and getting paid by owners on monthly basis. This is mostly when the owners are out for a holiday.

  1. Wedding Planning

For a wedding to be successful, planners play a significant role. People with great organizational ability can use this skill to engage in wedding planning and in the process make extra money.

  1. Dog Walking

Dog walking can be seen as a humorous job, but it can make one to earn extra money. For instance, one can be paid between $5 and $15 per hour to walk dogs. The key point is to have interest in the job.

  1. Requesting for a Bonus

Individuals can agree with their employers on the minimum amount of bonus that they should receive. One can also negotiate on the percentage of commission to be paid after reaching a target.

  1. Negotiating a Pay Rise

Employees can negotiate with their bosses regarding pay rise and any other form of monetary benefits. In this way, one is able to expand his income and access other basic needs.

  1. Renting Candy Machines Local Events

This entails investing in some equipment that is used during social occasions. As a result, one can make $500-$2,000 per month.

  1. Renting Garage To Store Company’s Assets

Based on the fact that the cost of storing company assets has continued to become expensive, one can let his or garage for an extra monthly income of approximately $200 a month.

  1. Renting Out Unused Spaces to New Businesses

If one has unused spaces for instance excess drawers, he can rent them to other organizations. And make extra money. Through the use of Storemates, one can find people within his locality who are in need of renting his or her space.

Watch Your Health

Improve the health of your heart.

Risk – the age of your heart is related to the risk of having a heart attack.

Exposition – Drinking, smoking and eating high cholesterol foods regularly can increase the age of your heart. So for instance a person who is 50 but has unhealthy habits may have a heart with a 60 year old age.

Evidence – NHS Choices

How to reduce risks?

191 Give up smoking
192 Get active
193 Manage your weight
194 Eat more fibre
195 Cut down on saturated fat
196 Get your five a day fruit and vegetables
197 Cut down on salt
198 Eat fish (as part of a balanced diet)
199 Drink less alcohol
200 Read labels on food and drink packaging

Not many people think of their life expectancy and future earnings as part of wealth creation but it is. If you don’t live beyond 50, you will never reach the most lucrative part of your life when you have reputation, experience, social intelligence, and leverage (the ability to delegate to other people).

So 191-200 is also very important.

Concluding remarks

Hopefully you see that people in Africa, India and China can make money using different ways and are making extra income. Even though some of these ways require one to have appropriate skills, ability, innovation and creativity are major aspects people use to increase monthly earnings. There are now resources around to improve living standards through the Internet. The paper invites the readers to put forward their own ideas on how people from Africa, India and China can make money and consequently mitigate the level of poverty and curb unemployment facing the three regions.