Dutch wax prints: aka AFRICAN WAX PRINTS

Dutch wax prints fabrics go by many names; Ankara wax prints, Ankara, African wax prints, African prints, Holland wax, Dutch wax, wax Hollandais, veritable Dutch Hollandais.

Africa’s inventions: glass-making

We all know glass, that amorphous inorganic solid substance that is usually translucent or transparent. Although glass can occur naturally, as in the case of obsidian, it is still one of the oldest and most important man-made materials in the world. There are hundreds, probably thousands, of types of glass, with their different colours and …

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Myths about Africa : The you-can’t-do-business in Africa myth

Africa is faced with many challenges. A non-exhaustive list includes: sorting out increased access to education and health; job creation; raising gross income per capita inclusively; gender equality; establishing national and local security; developing global partnerships; tackling child mortality; sorting out power supply and other infrastructure problems; and strengthening public institutions. The public and difficult …

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