The Kuba Kingdom

The Kuba kingdom of modern Democratic Republic of Congo was one of 22 literate societies that inhabited Africa during the last 5000 years. The Kuba kingdom existed from 1625 to 1884. The Kingdom of Kuba has evidence of human habitation before 1000 AD, including Paleolithic and Neolithic artifacts (source: “Art of the Lega,” by Elisabeth …

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The Maravi Confederacy

Maravi was a kingdom, situated in the present-day outskirts of Malawi, Mozambique, and Zambia, in the sixteenth century. The present-day name “Maláŵi” is said come from the Chichewa word “malaŵí”, which signifies “flames”. “Maravi”, thus, is a general name of the people groups of Malawi, Zambia, Mozambique and the eastern Zimbabwe. What did their unspoilt …

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Kingdom of Buganda: Uganda’s 1000 year old Kingdom

A fallacy about African history is often repeated that political institutions were introduced by either Europeans or Arabs. With one 1,000 year old kingdom still in existence, we demonstrate that African stories are available to turn into documentaries, education and entertainment material from the Kingdom of Buganda.